A Little About Me

I was introduced to photography in 8th grade and at first treated it as a hobby. It wasn’t until I got to college I realized this was my true calling. I learned on a 4x5 camera and respected the difficulty of the tool. First graduating from Marist College I was teaching mathematics, but shortly after it only felt right to pursue photography. I took the dive into running my own photography business photographing architecture. 10 years later and haven’t looked back since! I get to work with amazing people doing what I love.  Photography, for me, has evolved into creating clean, crisp but contrasty images with a natural feel, and lighting is what I most enjoy about the process. 



Now, what else?

My other half & I at (the real) Oktoberfest. Don't ask which tent, don't remember; keep in mind those are one liter steins of beer.

Aside from being a photographer, I am married to another photographer, who shoots food and beverage.  When we are not shooting or dealing with our businesses, we are traveling and have seen Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Bermuda together.  Australia and France are next on our short list. 

I also love to cook and try new restaurants.  Mexican and French are my go to cuisines.  I occasionally brew my own beer, mostly IPAs and Dubbels, and I am always willing to try someone else's latest batch, whether professional or home made. 

To to stay in shape, I am an avid cyclist and swimmer (freestyle and butterfly).